Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Water Filtration Systems at HydrationNation.co.uk

Hydration Nation water is sourced from a natural spring that draws the water from over 400ft underground, enriched with minerals deep from within the Sussex Downs and is untouched at source to produce a water of unrivalled quality and taste. Our mineral water is available from 330ml bottles through to 19 litre bottles with the option of lightly sparkling.
Water Filter Everybody wants to be healthy at work and a healthier workforce leads to improved productivity and lower sickness absence.Figures from the CBI show that sickness absence cost UK employers £13.2bn per year.Even mild levels of dehydration adversely affect both physical and mental performance, but these effects can be made worse by the physical demands of the job, a hot working environment or the need to wear protective clothing.

So good hydration is key to a happy and productive work force and it contributes to workers health and safety.At Hydration Nation we offer a verity of solutions for the work place. Water Filtration Systems at HydrationNation.co.uk Delivered and Installed to the highest standards by qualified engineers the following systems will provide you, your colleagues and guests with great tasting, filtered Hot and/or Cold drinking water.

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