Monday, December 19, 2011

Automatic Water Filtration Systems from Pure Aqua Inc.

Pure Aqua, Inc. is a leading manufacturer and wholesale distributor of Reverse Osmosis Systems, and Components, both for industrial and commercial applications. Pure Aqua Products have earned an industry-wide reputation for their high quality and superior performance.

Water Filtration Systems from Pure Aqua Inc

Pure Aqua's capabilities range from small skid mounted systems to millions of gallons per day water treatment plants.

Automatic Water Filtration Systems from Pure Aqua Inc.

Pure Aqua, Inc. is a global leader in water treatment equipment, industrial water purification & water purifiers, Brackish and Sea Water Reverse Osmosis Systems, Automatic Media Filters, Cartridge Filters, Bag Filters, Automatic Water Softeners, Electrodeionization, Two Column or Mixed Bed Deionizers, Ultra Violet Sterilizers, Chemical Dosing Systems, Ozone Systems and Custom Built Water Treatment Equipment.

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Friday, December 16, 2011

Water Filtration Reviews and Prices at

The different types of water filtration units reviewed on Consumer Guide range from on-the-tap faucet filtration systems to dispensers and pitchers from Brita and other popular filter companies. We evaluate for helpful features like filter-change indicators as well as overall value, so you can be certain what water filter is right for your kitchen.

We're one of the most lauded and trusted brands on the Internet.
In 2007, HowStuffWorks became part of the Discovery Communications family.

Water Filtration Reviews and Prices at

Still the top credible online destination for easy-to-understand explanations of how everything actually works, expert reviews and ratings, we've now joined the #1 nonfiction media company reaching more than 1.5 billion subscribers in 170 countries. At HowStuffWorks, our premise is simple: Demystify the world and do it in a simple, clear-cut way that anybody can understand.

As consumers have more and more ways to get information, finding your target audience is harder than ever. But amidst all the turmoil, there's one thing that isn't hard to find: HSW's sophisticated users.

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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Water Filtration Systems for Office - Reviews from

Join more than a third of the Fortune 100 and choose Quench bottleless water coolers and ice machines for your office. Our office water delivery services give a superb combination of great tasting filtered water and cost savings served by the leading bottleless water cooler company in the business.
Water Filtration Systems for Office - Reviews from
Bottleless water coolers work by applying sophisticated purification methods to the tap water already available in your office. Also called filtered or POU (Point Of Use) water coolers, bottleless coolers eliminate the need for clunky, expensive, and antiquated bottled water.

Our water coolers act like mini filtration plants in your office, providing you with the cleanest, best-tasting water at the lowest cost without any of the traditional headaches or health issues of bottled water. At the same time you’ll be making a positive impact on the environment. Installing Quench's filtered water coolers is one of the best “go green at work” solutions your company can make.

Thursday, December 8, 2011 - Recommended Water Filters

Consumer Reports (CR) is an expert, independent, nonprofit organization whose mission is to work for a fair, just, and safe marketplace for all consumers and to empower consumers to protect themselves. The organization was founded in 1936 when advertising first flooded the mass media.

Consumers lacked a reliable source of information they could depend on to help them distinguish hype from fact and good products from bad ones. Since then CR has filled that vacuum with a broad range of consumer information. - Recommended Water Filters

To maintain its independence and impartiality, CR accepts no outside advertising and no free samples and employs several hundred mystery shoppers and technical experts to buy and test the products it evaluates.

Consumer Reports, is one of the top-ten-circulation magazines in the country, and, has the most subscribers of any Web site of its kind, in addition to two newsletters, Consumer Reports on Health and Consumer Reports Money Adviser.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Water Filters Reviews at

Water filters reviews are an excellent method to finding the very best filtration system on the market. It is necessary that you simply as a consumer possess accurate info in hand before buying any kind of home water therapy or even purification program.

Water filters reviews

There are specifically 2 various ways within water filters reviews to compare water purification methods with each other:

Water filters reviews at

On the basis of their relative performance and cost
On the basis of the characteristics to health and well-being
However, before you decide to be aware of response to that specific brand names are the most useful, you should know what the most practical way for purification according to the advantages and the disadvantages of every technique.

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Sunday, November 20, 2011 - Water Filters System

Kloberz - one of the leading system integrator and manufacturer of various membranes and complimentary products. With our vast experience we have repeatedly demonstrated through hundreds of installations in different applications that our products and people have the proven experience to treat virtually any water source. - Water Filters System

Membrane technologies are based on filtration methods found all around us in nature. This technology incorporates microscopic pores that are much smaller in size than common contaminants, minerals, bacteria and viruses. This physical barrier only allows pure water to pass through and has revolutionized the way in which the world treats and manages its water resources.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Top Water Filters Reviews at Water-Filters-Reviews.Net

In the United States were fast becoming aware of the importance of fresh clean water. Over the past several decades, we finding our own water sources are being contaminated at break neck pace.


So if a country the size of the United States has trouble with maintaining a clean water supply how is the rest of the world coping? How do they process water when there isn’t a large treatment plant available?

For the sake of awareness, we’re providing a list of countries who deal with water problems, click the links to learn more about how they deal with drinking water issues. Some countries and Some solutions might surprise you.

Top Water Filters Reviews at Water-Filters-Reviews.Net

At Water Filters Reviews, we review counter-top water filters, undersink water filters, faucet mounted and portable filters. However, we are not stopping there, in the near future we will expand our pages to include water filters reviews on pitcher and bottle style filters as well.

Waterwise 9000 Countertop Distiller. Our water filters reviews are logically structured to deliver you pertinent information and written from a real person perspective as opposed to a owners manual parroting technical specifications.

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Pure-Pro.Com Reverse Osmosis Systems

Pure-Pro Water Corp - Taiwan best manufacturer for water purification products. We offer the worlds most modern water treatment equipment "Reverse Osmosis drinking water system" at competitive price.  Why pay more? Buy from the source and save money!

Taiwan best manufacturer for water purification products

Over ten years expertise in reverse osmosis drinking water systems, our unique design features make installation easier and operation more reliable, and our wide  selection of colors and sizes allows you to solve virtually any RO application.

Reverse Osmosis systems

As people become increasingly aware of the benefits of purified water, the demand for equipment capable of treating both municipal and well water supplies continues to grow. As a result, Whole House and Commercial Reverse Osmosis systems are becoming widely accepted. We carry a wide variety of RO systems, one of which will fit your application and your budget.

PurePro can provide packaged Reverse Osmosis systems with capacities ranging from 1500 GPD to 60,000 GPD and up. These systems are ideal for small and medium-sized water stores or bottling operations.

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Water Filters Parts and Accessories at WaterFiltersFast.Com

Water Filters Fast is committed to excellence in customer satisfaction and fast order turnaround times since 2003. We believe that purchasing a replacement water filter, or a refrigerator water filter should be a quick and easy experience. We have concentrated our website design and business flow around making that vision a reality for our customers.

Water Filters Fast is committed to excellence in customer

Water Filters Fast also carries a complete line of water filtration accessories for your home or business. From installation kits to cleaners, hoses and o-rings, shopping online for your water filtration needs has never been easier.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

WaterFilterResearch.Com - Good Water Filters

The quality of our drinking water has been steadily declining. So far our government has turned a blind eye to the problem. They continue to dump chlorine into our drinking water, ignore corporate pollution, and fail to address the newest threat to the public health - prescription drugs seeping in to our water supplies. You have the right to know what you and your family are drinking, and how you can keep your water safe by using a quality home water filter.

WaterFilterResearch.Com - Good Water Filters

The 5 Biggest Health Risks Found In Drinking Water

  • Human Feces
  • Chlorine
  • Rust & Sediment
  • Prescription Drugs
  • Chemicals / Farm Run Off / Corporate Waste
According to the Mayo Clinic the average person in made up of 60% water, and needs to consume 2 liters, or just over 8 glasses of water to stay healthy. Every system in your body is dependent on water - the problem is that most people are not nourishing their body with clean, safe drinking water. If you're not using a quality home water filtration system here's what could be lurking in your drinking water.

Water Filtration Systems

It's almost impossible to remove 100% of every possible type of contamination from city water, but by using a home water filtration system you can greatly improve upon the quality of the water you consume. You have to be careful when selecting a water filter for your home. Many of the water filters being sold are relatively ineffective, and overpriced. After researching found that Aquasana water filters provide consumers with high quality drinking water, and cost much less than comparable units.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Best Water Filters USA at WaterFilter-USA.Com

Everyone wants the very best when it comes to their health and the health of their families.  And drinking water is certainly no exception.  Perhaps that is why thousands upon thousands of Americans are making the switch from plain tap water to high quality water filters.

Water Filter USA is your source for water purification products. From a drinking water system to a shower filter and all the way to whole house water filtration, WaterFilter USA has the answer. As the master distributor for Pelican Water Softeners and Pelican Water Filters, Water Filter USA is on top of the newest technologies available today. Pelican's NaturSoft™ Salt Free Softener is on the cutting edge of the whole house water softening industry and fits a "Go Green" mission to eliminate wasteful and harmful salt brine discharge.

Friday, October 14, 2011 - Whole House Filters

Drinking water filters provide your family with clean, fresh, healthy water.

Water Filter

We're all made of more than 70% water. As our exposure to environmental pollutants increases, so does our need for filtered, healthy water. Your tap and bottled water can contain pollutants like lead, chlorine, herbicides, pesticides and industrial solvents, so filtered water in your home has never been more important than it is today. Clean, healthy, chemical-free water is the foundation to health and wellness, and it's easy to have with quality water always available by adding a water filter product to your home.

Whole House Filter

Understanding the importance of healthy, chemical free water is the first step towards better health, and determining the right product for you is the next step. Drinking water filters provide your family with clean, fresh, healthy water.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Commercial Water Filters

It is not at all possible to live without water as it is one of the things that are most necessary to live. Without water it is extremely difficult to survive. Water from just any source cannot be used for drinking purpose. It has to be safe enough to drink so that you are saved from contracting diseases. You need to have a clear idea on the primary source of water. Commercial water filters have been gaining a lot of popularity in the recent times as people are getting more aware of the fact that water should be safe for drinking.

Harmsco Commercial Water Filters

Water filters are being largely marketed on commercial basis globally and it is for this reason that manufacturers have been increasingly manufacturing newer versions of water filters for commercial use on a large scale. A healthy and long life is desired by all and life can only get safer by making the best use of water filters designed for commercial use. Safe and pure drinking water is available if you make the best use of water filters. Water does contain a lot of impurities, dirt etc which need to be filtered out.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Combating Hard Water with Water Softeners

One of the most common problems that many experience with the water in their homes is hard water. Hard water is prevalent in many areas and it can result in many problems for those who have it. One of the primary problems is the way it affects cleaning products. Soaps and detergents will lose their effectiveness in hard water. In addition, hard water can be damaging to appliances and cause expensive plumbing problems. To combat this issue many people use water softeners to make their water easier to use.

Kinetico Water Softeners

Water softeners come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some are quite large, while others are smaller units designed for small family homes. These units work by taking the hard water and processing it to remove some of the excess elements that cause the water to be hard and difficult to use. This happens through a mechanical process within the unit and thus depending on the size of the unit, large quantities of water can be processed or smaller amounts in smaller devices.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Brita Water Filters Easy Ways to Have Good Tasting Water

Water is one of the most important elements to the human body. Unfortunately, in today’s world much of our water supplies are polluted. Because of this, many people do not feel comfortable drinking the water from their faucets. To combat this problem many turn to filtration products to rid their water of the impurities that may still be in it. One of the most common names in water filtration systems is Brita water filters. The Brita Company is well known for making water filtration systems that are portable, easy to use and reasonably priced. They offer models that stand on the counter in a pitcher type and a type that attaches right to the faucet itself. These devices can be a cost effective way to ensure that the water you are using is safe and healthy.

Brita Water Filter Reviews

Counter top types of Brita water filters come in many styles but one of the most popular is the type that looks like a standard pitcher. These devices are relatively simple to operate. Water is poured into the top of the pitcher and then it gradually sifts down through a charcoal filter. This removes most of the chemicals and other impurities that the water may still have.

Brita Water Filters

This device works well but is a little limited on the amount of water that can be filtered at once, this can be a problem in some cases, but in general, it can be a great way to have good tasting water in your refrigerator or countertop.

Culligan Water Filters a History of Clean Water

With the health conscious environment that we live in today, many are looking for ways to make their water safer to drink. One of the companies that have been involved in making water safer for many years is Culligan water filters. They have been in the water filtration business for over 70 years. They offer many types of systems that will help one in making sure that the water that they use in their house or place of business is clean and tastes great.

Culligan Water Filter Reviews

When using a Culligan water filters system, it effects the whole house or work space. These units are generally attached at the source of water into the building. Because of this, all faucets will dispense water that is relatively free of unwanted particles including sodium and lead. This can go a long way to making one feel more confident about the quality of the water that they are using to drink and to clean with. By using cleaner water, one eliminates many of the harmful effects that come from water that is full of toxins.