Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Biosand Water Filters at

The Hydraid filter is a simple, lightweight unit with no moving parts. Users can reduce biological contaminants by pouring surface or ground water through the filter to obtain water that is safe for drinking, food preparation, personal hygiene and sanitation.
Biosand Water Filter Powered by gravity and with no parts to replace, the Hydraid® BioSand Water Filter is extremely durable and lasts beyond 10 years, making it the most sustainable filter available today. More than 55,000 Hydraid filters have been distributed in over 35 developing countries worldwide.

Triple Quest is a collaborative venture involving Cascade Engineering and The Windquest Group, a West Michigan-based private investment fund. Triple Quest is a sustainable enterprise that provides essential needs products to at-risk families in developing countries by bringing together the esources and objectives of non-governmental organizations, corporations and other partners.