Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Combating Hard Water with Water Softeners

One of the most common problems that many experience with the water in their homes is hard water. Hard water is prevalent in many areas and it can result in many problems for those who have it. One of the primary problems is the way it affects cleaning products. Soaps and detergents will lose their effectiveness in hard water. In addition, hard water can be damaging to appliances and cause expensive plumbing problems. To combat this issue many people use water softeners to make their water easier to use.

Kinetico Water Softeners

Water softeners come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some are quite large, while others are smaller units designed for small family homes. These units work by taking the hard water and processing it to remove some of the excess elements that cause the water to be hard and difficult to use. This happens through a mechanical process within the unit and thus depending on the size of the unit, large quantities of water can be processed or smaller amounts in smaller devices.

Hard water comes about because of the amounts of minerals that the water absorbs from the earth. Mineral content varies from place to place and in some areas, the mix of minerals present can be too strong for the water. Generally, chemicals such as calcium and magnesium cause the most hard water issues, though other elements also can be a problem. Water softeners function by replacing those chemicals in the water being treated. Generally, these elements are replaced with sodium. By reducing the chemical content, the water is softer and easier to use for cleaning purposes. It also eliminates some of the terrible spotting issues that dried hard water can leave behind on glass, metal and other elements.

Culligan Water Softeners

For those who live in an area with hard water, water softeners can be a lifesaver. Their home will feel much cleaner when they are able to use softer water to clean with, the products they use to clean with will function much better and there will be fewer deposits left behind. Clothing will also be cleaner as detergents will work better and not leave behind residue on the clothing and in the appliances as well. One of the major benefits though will be on one’s skin. Using softer water when bathing will result in skin that is much softer and more pleasing to touch. In addition, a person’s hair will have a better feel and an added shine that it was lacking from the use of hard water.

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